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a beat.

ICTUS CORDIS, Variatio “2020

ICTUS CORDIS “Variatio” is the first performance in a series of Ictuscordis, where the artist, Januš Aleš Luznar manipulates other peoples heartbeats. In his opening performance he invited guests who are in different ways connected to their body, heartbeats or sound and are active in fields of acting, music and sport: Marko Mandić, Valentino Kanzyani in Natalija Gros. He individually wired their hearts and performed an audiovisual journey based on their heartbeats which gave an individual experience to the guest and also a collective experience to the public.

“Variatio” is exploring the influence of psyhological manipulative

“biofeedback loop” on different profiles of his guests. In addition to that the author was interested in guests reaction on Ictuscordis experience also from their professional perspective, for that reason he conducted a conversation with each guest after their session.

Januš Aleš Luznar will include the recordings from his performance Ictuscordis “variatio” in his upcoming album, which will be based on various wired hearts. The album will be released under Kamizdat label.

Author, sound, visual image, production: Januš Aleš Luznar
Guests: Natalija Gros, Valentino Kanzyani, Marko Mandić
Production: Alja Bulič and David Lavrič
Camera, on set edit: Črt Trkman, Adam Mulalić

Photographer: Sara Isa Djukanović
Consulting psychologist: Vid Vanja Vodušek
Producer: KUD Center 21 / Hupa Brajdič

Coproduction: Studio Sokol, ŠD Tabor, Zavod Gamajuna

Special thanks to: Jurij Jovan, Martin Adams Stevens, Aljoša Cetinski in Inti Šraj

Project was supported by Ministry of Culture

ICTUS CORDIS, Dialogue “2019

Audiovisual dance performance based on the heartbeat of two performers, a choreographer / dancer and a musician. At the forefront of the performative research and staging is the creation of a new space of references, the intersection of science and art in the case of rhythmic coincidence and the synchronization of two heartbeats.

Januš Aleš Luznar uses a specially designed high-sensitivity microphone connected to the mixer and modulating effects to manipulate the heart beat into a rhythmic and harmonic electronic music. The body of the dancer Gyula Cserepes is, however, connected to a heart rate sensor that controls the visual image of the performance.

The audio part of the performance responds to the heart of the musician through sound manipulation and the heartbeat of the dancer triggers the visual content. The authors explore how the presence and the atmosphere of the music performer as well as the movements of the dancer affect each other, and what is the language that their hearts speak. They are searching for a space of synchronicity and harmony.

Author, sound, visual image, production: Januš Aleš Luznar
Choreographer, dancer: Gyula Cserepes
Light design: Zoran Grabarac
Technical support: Gregor Krpič, Lovrenc Košenina
Support in the field of psychology: Vid Vanja Vodušek, phd.
Producer: Alja Bulič
Production company: Kud Center 21, Hupa Brajdič
Coproduction company: Atelier 21220
Foto: Jan Prpić

Project was financially supported by the Municipality of Ljubljana.

Oktober 2019, Španski borci, Ljubljana

ICTUS CORDIS, Modulatio “2018

ICTUS CORDIS is an intermedia performance / audio-visual laboratory with the main subject heart of the artist. Januš Aleš Luznar invites his audience to his consecrated space of artistic and spiritual intimacy and urges visitors to drift away by sounds and visualizations of his heart. The project explores the interaction between art and psychology, between physical and mental organisms, Although they speak different languages, which are difficult to translate, the artist searches for their coincidental and non conclusive parallels through which they communicate. Januš Aleš Luznar explores Biofeedback technique or a mutual heart reaction to the stream of a sound composition.

Author, Performer: Januš Aleš Luznar
Visualizations: Den Baruca
Production: Alja Bulič
Technical support: Gregor Krpič
Video surveillance and editing: Tone Poljanec
Support in the field of psychology: Vid Vanja Vodušek
Graphic image: Gorazd Guštin

November 2018, Tabor Sports Hall, Ljubljana
December 2018, Switzerland, Ljubljana
April 2019, Darkcity-Raum 8, Klagenfurt
May 2019, Pocket Theater Studio

Mladina, kulturni portret
Val 202: Projekt, ki raziskuje odnos med znanostjo in umetnostjo
Val 202, 2019
Radio Študent